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Nyasha ChariNyasha Chari is a volunteer missionary for ROCK of Africa Mission, and is based in Zimbabwe.

Nyasha Chari is a former professional cricket player who has traveled the world representing Zimbabwe in international cricket competition.  During his professional sports career he learned many valuable life lessons -- lessons about preparation; commitment; teamwork; and most importantly, appreciating the abilities and potential God had given him and using them to best of his ability.  While these lessons are an essential part of success, they are also Biblical and rooted in God's plan for our lives. 

Your talents are God's gift to you.   How you use them is your gift to God.

Now that Nyasha has retired from professional sports, he has dedicated much of his time to sharing these truths with other men.   Nyasha now leads men's ministry for ROCK of Africa and is encouraging men to live lives of significance, rooted in faith in Christ and dedicated to excellence.  Under, Nyasha's leadership, we launched a Zimbabwe chapter of Influencers, an international men's ministry dedicated to equipping men with a solid spiritual foundation and lives of influence.

Nyasha Chari is based in Harare, Zimbabwe and we are grateful he has joined ROCK of Africa has a volunteer missionary.    He and other men like him are an important part of the future of Zimbabwe. 

Remember, ROCK of Africa is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization and pays no salaries.  Nyasha Chari, and all missionaries and relief workers, depend on your financial gifts for their personal support and to sustain their work.

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